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Culture and economy are interconnected. We should recognize not just the economic value of our products and services but also the cultural value to create economical impacts in a true sense. Living a culturally rich life alone does not survive capitalism. It is also true that young people do not engage in modern-day jobs unless they look cool and they are able to earn good salary.

Whether you are reviewing an existing business or starting a new business, we would like to make it ordinal for every enterprise to build a business based on what the culture of your business is.

By doing so, it becomes a society where everyone is involved in Japanese culture. As a result, Japan will be recognized as a country of culture from overseas and also Japan will be able to find how to survive the world.

Appealing points

Appealing points
  • 01 The balance between culture and economy is the most important. We do not propose measures that do not contribute to “cultural inheritance” even if they are profitable.

  • 02 Thorough accompaniment support. It’s not just consulting that gives advice, but we move our limbs together and sweat. We will find a pattern of success, create a manual, and build a system that can be implemented independently by the business operator.

  • 03 Global and future-oriented management support. Our partners, which are unevenly distributed all over the world, support our business from various perspectives. Don’t forget to start a business with a big vision for the future and earn from overseas.



A society where everyone takes part in Japanese culture


Japan, a country of culture


1 Japan from the outside
After getting out of Japan, you realize more value of uniqueness in Japanese culture.
You see things from global perspective rather than local one.
You unearth the ideas that Japanese culture has spun and not found overseas.

2 Touch one’s heart one by one
You should cherish deep impression you bear for Japanese culture and make people impressed as you are.
The sympathy of each person becomes a big whirlpool, and it turns into a wave that surrounds Japan.
Eventually dominate the world.

3 Be like Van Gough: valued not by present but by future
It is a business with an eye on the 22nd century. No worry about short-term outcome.
Looking 100 years ahead, you brew slowly and steadily.
You value actual feeling of stepping , not leaping, for the future.