Rishiri island, Hokkaido

Increasing issues such as lack of production, recruiting and new business development

With fewer fishermen succeeding in the kelp business, the production of Rishiri kelp has been dropping. To stem this tide of disappearing kelp business, the job needs to be “cool and profitable”. To that end, our company has become a member of local fishery cooperatives to provide management support. For example, we have started a part-time job program for students of Kyoto University so that there are enough workers to dry kelp. We are also developing a new processed product to give a new added value to Rishiri kelp.

Visited Kyoto for the first time after I become a fisherman

ZEN Corporation
Zenichi Kosaka CEO

We have been closely collaborated with Bunkei since 2018 such as Konbu internship with Kyoto University, financing through cloud funding(¥3M)and new business development in Kyoto. Since fishermen are generally very busy with jobs on the spots, we could not do many new business outside our island like acquiring customers in Kyoto. Bunkei enables us to do things which we wanted to do for a long time. We truly recommend to all the fishermen, farmers and others who have a big dream but have difficulty identifying what to do first.