What we solve

  • Restructuring your organization

    Organizational management. To know possible choices regarding how to change organization.

  • Structuring company purpose

    To identify the best words and expressions to unify company members by reviewing company purpose, mission, vision and values.

  • Legal advice

    To consult frankly regarding contract documents.

  • Sales support

    To find new customers in Japan as well as overseas.

  • New business development

    To consider who is a real customer and how to sell a product and service by precisely understanding the strength in market.

  • DX introduction

    To select the best IT tools to fit a company in a course of DX.

  • Recruiting

    To comprehensively support to complete job description, recruiting website, and interviews.

How to proceed

  • Free counseling

    We wish to hear about your worries and problems when doing your business. Please share with us the corporate philosophy and business purpose as well.

  • Providing solutions Charge

    We will unravel the root cause of your worries and problems, and lay out specific steps to take in solving them.

  • Running with you to execute the solution Charge

    Not only do we propose a solution but we also run with you along the way to work up a good sweat.


We walk together with customers by the system of achievement rewards.

price price


  • Possible to pay reward by products if you are engaged in the first industry or artisans/artists.
  • Depending on your requests, we could flexibly balance basic reward and achievement reward.
  • Widely provide advice on organizational management, introduction of IT tools, legal advice, marketing, sales support, business development, new business and overseas business.

Free first consultation. Feel free to contact us anytime.